I’ve recently switched to using Github for my open source projects.  As apart of this transition, I’ve been restructuring some of my old code.  This has lead to the creation of the aerospace-design-toolbox (ADT).

This Matlab toolbox is built from the Mavl code base.  The biggest difference between the two is scope.  While Mavl was designed to address the full scope of the design process from modeling to analysis, the ADT simply supports loading data from other aerospace software into Matlab.  Currently the ADT reads output files from AVL and Xfoil.  It can additionally read prop data in the format used by the UIUC propeller database.  For more information on what is and isn’t supported please see the README.m file in the repository.

At this time the toolbox is just a set of utility functions.  In the near term development will focus on converting the code into a standard toolbox that will integrate better with Matlab.