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Entrepreneurship Recognition

The website was updated today with an article on the engineering entrepreneurship program.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my own face smiling back.


The funny thing is that I didn’t even win any prizes at the competition.


NCSU eGames Design and Prototype Challenge

The Entrepreneurship Initiative at NC State runs an annual competition called the eGames.  The games bring students together to compete in different entrepreneurship tasks.  This year I entered the “Design and Prototype Challenge” with a paper detailing the unmanned system that I am currently developing for a client.  Today I received an email that I have qualified to move on to the finalist presentations, so I’ll be presenting at the Entrepreneurship Expo on April 21.

Moster Aerospace

I’ve been looking forward to being able to make this post for a long time now.  In the fall of 2010 I was contacted by a business looking for expertise on the Cloud Cap Technologies (CCT) Piccolo autopilot.  To provide this service and others to industry I have started a small business: Moster Aerospace.  I currently provide the following services:

  • Aircraft integration
  • UAS operator (CCT Piccolo)
  • PCC Plugin development (CCT Piccolo)
  • Small aircraft control system development
  • Ardupilot Mega development

If any of these services would be valuable to your business please contact Joseph at 919-449-5085 or at

logo2First attempt at a logo.

The creation of this logo was the product of boredom and a sudden inspiration.  The logo was created by drawing a sine wave and then overlaying a Taylor series approximation of a saw-wave that used that sine as its starting point.  By continuing this for one and a half cycles, the resulting figure resembles the “M” in Moster.  The remaining lines and circle serve to enclose the figure and make the logo feel more complete.

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